Xiaomi’s success in India: Company gets second factory in Andhra Pradesh
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Xiaomi’s success in India: Company gets second factory in Andhra Pradesh


A second factory of China-based Xiaomi has recently opened in India.

The factory is located in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. Because the company’s popularity is growing more and more in India, it partnered up with Taiwanese company Foxconn in building the second manufacturing plant.

Reports say that unlike the first plant, this new one is exclusive to Xiaomi, and Foxconn will still make other products for other companies in the older manufacturing unit.

Xiaomi India head and vice president Manu Jain said that this will open up about 5,000 jobs in total, and that 90% of the workers will be female.

Combined, the two plants in India will be able to meet an estimated 95% of the company’s local market. The company also claims that it now produces one phone per second in the country.

“The key for us was to start hitting one phone per second kind and we thought we will announce it only when we hit that number. Now we are hitting that consistently,” Jain told reporters.

The company has recently released the Redmi 4A, which, according to reports, will be manufactured in the Indian facilities. Some of the highlighted specs include the following: quad core processor, better battery (seven-day stand-by time), a 12.7cm (5) HD display, MIUI 8 OS, and a 13MP camera.

The Indian Express quoted Jain as saying that the company was struggling to meet consumer demands. “We were already running at 100 per cent utilisation, but we were not able to meet the demand. Even today, with Redmi Note 4, we have sold 1 million units in 45 days, but probably if we had more stock we could have sold more phones,” he explained.

Jain added that the smartphone market in the country will reach 200 million plus units in three to five years.

“All eyes are on this market and we will continue to do what we are doing and provide great after sales service and experience for our users,” Jain added.


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