Half of iPhone units are made in China’s Zhengzhou province, data says

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About half of iPhones sold all over the world are being made at Apple contract manufacturer Foxconn’s plant in China, recent data has revealed.

According to a report by China Daily, about 350 units of iPhone are assembled per minute and around 500,000 units are made in a day in the Zhengzhou, China plants with about 350,000 workers. This is something that US plants currently cannot accomplish.

Made in the US
The report says that one of the reasons why the US won’t be able to sustain manufacturing–despite promises by Donald Trump that he will rejuvenate the country’s manufacturing industry–is lack of workers.

“Made in the US” is a slogan that the Trump administration recently used in its efforts to promote manufacturing and products in the country. This, according to reports, is inconsistent with the US president’s (as well as his daughter Ivanka’s) business practices, as they are known to outsource manufacturing from other countries such as China and Mexico.

Zhengzhou, on the other hand, has a complete industry chain. The report said that it has resources-”a headquarters, precision electronics companies, and other branch plants”–that make the production self-sufficient.

“The US doesn’t have a consumer electronics industry supply chain,” said a partner of a venture capital firm told reporters. “The chain includes not only raw material and core parts but also skilled and capable workers in the field.”

‘iPhone City’
Referred by some as “iPhone City,” Zhengzhou is a provincial town located in China’s Henan province. The place has become one of the country’s major manufacturing areas, with booming technology parks and industrial zones.

The location of the Zhengzhou plant is just a few miles from the airport, which makes it convenient to do shipments. It’s in a bonded zone that has customs officials at the gate to take care of the exports.

An article by Fox Business showed how the iPhone business has “built a city” in the otherwise poor province. Since the iPhone arrived, it became “iPhone City,” a place with establishments like restaurants and shopping malls to cater to the Foxconn workers.

The future of iPhone in Zhengzhou
Despite some controversy–including an alleged beating and death of a Zhengzhou resident–Foxconn says that it will continue to invest in the provincial capital.

It is still uncertain if iPhone City will continue to produce the same number of iPhones in its Zhengzhou plants. Sales reportedly declined last year–the first time that it did since a decade ago when it debuted.


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