Google opens its third office in China

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Google has officially opened its third office in China.

Located at the Shenzen manufacturing hub (sometimes referred to as “China’s Silicon Valley”), the tech giant’s new facility was reportedly opened for staff who regularly travel to Shenzen for business. According to an email obtained by TechCrunch, the company set up the workspace for both clients and partners.

“We have many important clients and partners in Shenzhen. We’re setting up this e-suite office to be able to communicate and work with them better,” said a spokesperson who confirmed the news.

“As you may know, we have a number of Googlers in China who travel to the Shenzhen area for business on a regular basis,” said an email by Google that was sent to the staff. “We’ve heard a lot of feedback that there was a need for a space to work from while in the area—so, after a few months of scouting, we recently signed a lease for a serviced office in Shenzhen.”

The Shenzen workspace, which reportedly has around 600 employees, opened last month and is now up and running, added the letter. “We’re hopeful this will provide Googlers with a comfortable base to work from in the area,” it added.

The province, which borders Hong Kong, is an addition to its two locations in the country–in Beijing and Shanghai.

This new office shows that the Google’s presence in China is just getting stronger and stronger. Just last December, it was announced that the company will open a research lab in Beijing that will focus on Artificial Intelligence.

According to Google Cloud’s AI Chief Scientist Fei-Fei Li, The Google AI China Center focuses on AI research, supported by China’s engineering teams. “Besides publishing its own work, the Google AI China Center will also support the AI research community by funding and sponsoring AI conferences and workshops, and working closely with the vibrant Chinese AI research community,” she said in a statement.

Last year, Google had a $1.1 billion deal to acquire a big part of Taiwanese smartphone company HTC. The company has also improved its hardware efforts in the country—Shenzen is home to important hardware partners in the country, so this new office could mean so much more than a workspace for employees.

Google, however, has not made an announcement if there will be any permanent office in the area.


Ofelia Sta. Maria

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