GE to close New York plant and move to China


General Electric (GE) is set to close its New York plant and move manufacturing to China.

The Boston-based company has announced that GE’s Rochester manufacturing facility will be closing and moving work to be outsourced to Jabil, a partner supplier based in St. Petersburg, Florida, which has a plant in China.

The Rochester plant, which assembles electronic boards used in different GE products, employs 145 people. Around 90 employees will reportedly lose their jobs, and the rest will be moving to an office adjacent to the Rochester facility.

“The manufacturing work currently performed in Rochester will transition to one of GE’s partner suppliers,” said a statement by the company.

“The assembly of the electronic boards at this facility is not core to GE’s manufacturing capabilities and GE contracts 80 percent of these products to external partner suppliers already. Transferring work is always a tough decision, but we are committed to supporting our employees during this time of transition.”

GE officials said that those who will lose the jobs will get tuition reimbursement and severance pay.

“I feel saddened for the people who have been here for several years,” said Christina Roncone, a GE employee who according to a report will be added to the list of GE layoffs. “I myself will continue to look in the manufacturing field and hope for the best.”

The plant, which has been operating since 1985, is expected to close in June 2018. No further details on the new China location have been revealed.

“This decision will impact fewer than 100 employees and the work will be going to one of GE’s partner suppliers. GE is not transferring the work to a different GE plant,” the company added.


Ofelia Sta. Maria

Ofelia is an experienced journalist covering the Chinese manufacturing sector for the English language market, sharing news and stories about the companies and people shaping the future of manufacturing in China.

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