Alibaba Opens Tmall World to 100M Chinese Consumers


Alibaba has now made it easier for Chinese consumers living outside of China to have access to billions of products sold through the Taobao app and other online platforms.

China’s biggest e-commerce company has recently launched Tmall World, a service that aims to serve over 100 million Chinese working overseas.

With this new service, overseas Chinese users can go shopping in Alibaba’s brand-to-consumer retail site Tmall.

As part of a globalisation strategy, Alibaba will provide end-to-end solutions which include logistics, payment, and all of the localisation support. Users will be able to access Tmall and all other marketplaces under Alibaba via desktops and mobile.

Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan are the priority markets, due to their big Chinese population.

“In Hong Kong, where Tmall is already a household name, Alibaba will expand the product categories, adding Tmall Supermarket to the existing local offering,” read the company’s press release.

“Singapore and Malaysia have been included in the priority markets to offer Tmall World because of their sizeable Chinese population and the popularity of Taobao and Tmall with local users who want an online shopping experience with a Chinese-language interface.”

This is part of the company’s goal to have 2 billion customers by 2036.

One of the previous big efforts made by the company is investing $1 billion to Southeast Asian e-commerce website Lazada, increasing its share from 51 percent to 83 percent. The total investment is now over $2 billion.

Lazada, on the other hand, acquired Singapore-based online grocery website RedMart last November to add grocery items to their options.

According to Inside Retail Asia, the Tmall in Hong Kong sells goods from the mainland, such as household products and food.

According to Tmall World Director Elaine Hu, consumers in Hong Kong can receive the items on withing one day of placing their orders in the Hong Kong supermarket.

Wu mentioned that products that are selling well include paper products and household supplies.

“The average value of orders on Tmall HK’s supermarket is surprisingly high so far,” she said. “It is the highest compared to any other region in China.”

Users in Hong Kong will have expanded product categories. Those in Malaysia, on the other hand, enjoyed the Tmall mid-year Mega Sale, which took place last June 18th to 20th.


Ofelia Sta. Maria

Ofelia is an experienced journalist covering the Chinese manufacturing sector for the English language market, sharing news and stories about the companies and people shaping the future of manufacturing in China.

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